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This is my life-work, so even more now, what I do matters. I measure this by watching my clients living the life they want and achieving their aspirations. My advice will be practical and evidence based; it may not be what you want to hear, but will always be in your best interests in order to achieve your life goals.
— Gary Lucas


What We Do

Tailored Financial Advice

We are financial advisors with high level experience to guide you through good times and bad and we're passionate about producing the best possible outcome for YOU. Our flat fee approach is totally transparent; there are never any hidden fees when you work with us. We ask the right questions to understand your aspirations and create a strategy that’s unique to you and your life. 

Business Strategy & Advice

With over 30 years experience, we can help you improve the way your business operates. We help business owners identify and monitor key aspects of their organization. For those with employees, we can improve team engagement and performance. We help deliver better financial results more efficiently, allowing you more time to focus on scaling your business.



  • Gary has allowed us to look forward to a comfortable retirement. His advice has always been sound and current. We are forever thankful for the day Gary came into our financial world.
    — Ross & Lyn 56-65; April 2015
  • Gary's advice has been focused on my family achieving our goals, aspirations and objectives and his advice is not investment product driven.
    — Wayne 46-55; March 2017
  • Gary has advised me over many years. I trust his advice and knowledge implicitly.
    — Gabrielle 35-45; March 2017
  • Excellent communicator, explains things so the laymen understands his advise. He also takes the time to explain things you never feel like you are holding him up or he needs to be in some other place.
    — Ken 56-65; Jan 2016
  • Gary explains our situation and extends his professional advice in a simplistic way in which we understand. This is very assuring and satisfying when dealing with one's life savings.
    — Ron & Rhonda over 65; October 2016
  • Thank you Gary. Your support through business coaching is really helping me to learn a lot, and after each session I am more motivated to make the next week better.
    — Kristie – Gippsland
  • Gary takes the hard work out of planning for retirement. It’s because of his financial expertise and encouragement that we can look forward to a comfortable retirement and plan everything we dreamt of.
    — Ross – Latrobe Valley
  • Gary, I just wanted to say thanks for your advice about 12 months ago. As a result we have both of vehicles paid off, we are paying nearly double what we need to on your mortgage as well as still being able to put money away, and do improvements to our home. We have had Wills and POA prepared and overall I feel like we are in a much better position than we were when I first saw you.
    — Anonymous – Gippsland

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