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At what age am I eligible for the Centrelink Age Pension?

Centrelink Age Pension eligibility

To become entitled to claim a Centrelink Age Pension payment from the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services, the first criteria you must meet is the qualifying age.

The age at which you qualify for the Centrelink Age Pension depends on your date of birth (DoB)

See the table below:

Age Range (DoB)               Qualifying Age

30/06/1952 and prior            Now eligible

1/07/1952 to 31/12/1953 65.5

1/01/1954 to 30/06/1955          66

1/07/1955 to 31/12/1956           66.5

1/01/1957 to present                67

Once you have reached the qualifying age, you need to meet the next set of criteria. Each of these is more complicated and will be covered in separate blog posts. As a guide, the criteria include: your current income, any superannuation in accumulation or pension phase, your other assets, home ownership position, and your residency status.

If you are nearing, or already at, the qualifying age, and you would like assistance with this process, I would be happy to help guide you through. Just give me a call or drop me a line and our team can help you.