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Payments From Superannuation Pensions

You can provide yourself with a number of benefits by moving your accumulated superannuation to a pension account. Assuming that you have reached your “preservation age” and that you are retired, or over age sixty-five, you should have full access to the account balance in your super fund.

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Life Expectancy And Financial Planning

I believe that in the field of financial planning, the topic of Life Expectancy is often ignored or given nowhere near enough attention. People love to talk about the risk of losing their money and use “risk versus security’ as a basis for their investment choices.

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Contributing To Your Spouse’s Super Can Earn 18%

The spouse superannuation contribution option assists families when one spouse is on a low-income or not working in a paid position. Broadly speaking, the concept is that the spouse earning the higher income is entitled to a win-win situation where they can claim a tax rebate when they contribute to their partner’s superannuation fund.

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Share Market Falls: How often can we expect them and how long do they last?

The period from March 2009 until 2018 spoilt many investors. Volatility was lower than normal, and most sharemarkets enjoyed strong and steady returns as they recovered from the GFC. Investing seemed easy because risks were reduced thanks to the support from Reserve Banks around the world; they lowered interest rates which pumped money into the economy.

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Am I restricted by my Superannuation Limits?

For a growing portion of the Australian population, problems are arising because of the number and levels of restrictions currently in place for Superannuation Contributions.

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Your Cash Reserve

Everyone needs a cash reserve or ‘rainy day’ money. This is a base amount of money which you retain in a daily-access bank account without any fees or investment risk. In urgent cases when you have to pay immediate expenses, you will rest assured that you can meet the cost quickly and comfortably. 

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