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Transparent Financial and Retirement Advice

 “Will I have enough money to retire?”
“How much money should I invest and where?”
“Once I do retire, what do I do with my money?”
“Can I afford to travel?”
“Am I paying too much tax?"
“I have life insurance policies from years gone by, but do I still need them?"
“Do I still HAVE to work?”
“I don’t have my will sorted”
“My kids are off my hands but now I need to help my parents."

Do any of these ring a bell with you? They are by far the most common types of questions or problems we have come across in our 26 years offering financial advice to clients. And that’s exactly what we offer. Client focussed, transparent advice.

 Ways we can help you:

  • Prepare for your retirement by helping you manage the period inside the last 10 years before you plan to retire.

  • Calculate and tell you how much money you need to retire

  • Organising your income and expenses to suit your lifestyle

  • Reduce fees

  • Minimise taxes

  • Putting strategies in place to best manage your money for your needs and how you want to live your life

  • Understand and manage investment risks

  • Ensure your wills and estate planning is in place and consistent with your intentions

  • Save money for your beneficiaries

  • Regularly review your situation and how you are tracking towards what is important to you

  • Manage your investments so that they can continue to support you throughout retirement and for the rest of your life.

How we work

The initial meeting is a chance for us to understand how you want to live your life and what might be involved to achieve that. It’s also there for you to decide whether we are the right team to help you do it.

Many financial planners want to know within the first ten minutes exactly how much money you have, so they can offer you a series of financial products that will make them a nice tidy commission or fee based on how much money you have. We don't operate like that. We use this initial meeting to understand you and how you want to live, how you feel about investment risk, if you want to help your family, how much income you need each month, how you want your estate Planning to work and anything else that is on your mind. Only then can we help you make decisions about how to organise your finances.

Getting to know you

We take pride in asking the right questions to get to the root of exactly what you need. Everyone is built and motivated differently and that’s why our approach is tailored for each client. Our ability to ask questions, then really listen helps delve deep into your motivations to work out exactly what you need. Don't worry, it isn’t an inquisition! It’s simply a deeper style of conversation about what you you really want out of life.

Clear, simple & transparent financial advice

We’ll then lay out exactly what we’ll do for you over the next 12 months and the total amount we'll charge based purely on the amount of work involved and the value we will deliver to you. All in plain, no nonsense language and free of financial jargon.

To find out how we can help you prepare for your best life in retirement, better enjoy your retirement, or to simply continue to live in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed, let's have a free, no obligation consultation. No products, no gimmicks. Just a good old chat.



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Our Financial Planning Fees

Upfront, commission-free fees 

The way we charge is a world away away from the traditional model of commissions, or the percentage-based method, which is commission by another name

Our fees are in actual dollar amounts rather than percentages. There’s no hidden charges, no commissions and if there are product costs involved, we’ll tell you what they are upfront. It’s as simple as that. A totally tailored plan for you, which we then revisit on a regular basis.

What we will do

After our initial meeting we will provide you with a proposal that will detail the work we will do and the fee for that work. The fee will be crystal clear, in dollar terms. This covers all our work for the next twelve months.  You will have time to digest this, ask questions, then decide if you wish to proceed. From there, each year we will discuss the fees again and agree on the amount as we continue our long term relationship.

Our fee varies for each client based on the amount and complexity of the work we are required to do and the value we add.

What we won't do

We do not and will not accept any commission or remuneration from financial institutions. We will not charge based on percentage of the amount you invest. This is really important because advisers who do this, usually increase their fees by getting a free ride from natural growth in financial markets, which increases your portfolio and therefore their fees.

We will not work for you if we do not believe we can add value in excess of the fees we charge.