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Praise from Our Clients


Kind Words from our Financial and Retirement Planning Clients

Gary’s financial advice has been focused on my family achieving our goals, aspirations and objectives and his advice is not investment product driven.
— Wayne, Age 46-55

Gary has been our Financial Adviser for over 30 years. Respect his financial advice, and appreciate his help.
— Danuta, Age 65+

Gary explains our situation and extends his professional advice in a simplistic way in which we understand. This is very assuring and satisfying when dealing with one’s life savings and planning for retirement.
— Ron & Rhonda, Age 65+

Gary Lucas is our invaluable, trusted and respected Financial Adviser and friend, and has been so for over 30 years. He continually provides us with excellent financial advice and support which is greatly appreciated. Gary’s expertise and understanding nature enables him to meet the needs of those in many different circumstances. We have no hesitation in recommending Gary’s financial planning services to others.
— Janice, Age 65+

Knows his stuff and has always provided sound and reliable financial advice.
— Greg, Age 56-65

You’ve built something that others have been able to ‘step into’ and perform. You’ve leveraged the careers of the FP team so that they don’t have to repeat the careers of those that went before them. You’ve done such a good job of it, that the clients are also happy with the result. That took humility. Humility that others, given support and opportunity, can have a crack and will, mostly, work out. To lead you have to step back and you’ve done that really well.
— Jim, Age 56-65

Easy to contact, understandable language, great financial and retirement advice.
— Douglas, Age 56-65

Thank you Gary. Your support through business coaching is really helping me to learn a lot, and after each session I am more motivated to make the next week better.
— Kristie, Gippsland

Gary, we have known you for 23 years and have only praise for your services, first as an accountant and then as a financial adviser.

You have been managing our superannuation funds for more than ten years. Your advice has always been complete and honest, and if we had any queries you were more than ready to answer them. You worked closely with our accountant in finding the best solutions for us as our circumstances kept changing. You helped us to get through the global financial crisis with minimum damage. You have our full trust to the extent that you are managing also our children’s superannuation funds.

You have shown great care and understanding in the past, and we are looking forward to you managing our finances in our retirement.
— R & M, Qatar

Gary has been helping me and my family with financial planning since 1989. We can only commend him for his good performance. Thank you, Gary. 
— Radovan, Age 56-65

Working with Gary for us has been a long term process. Without his financial guidance and encouragement, we would not be in the position we are now. Our long term goal was to plan for a comfortable retirement. Gary has enabled us to achieve our goal through trusted financial advice and guidance. He has ridden the ups and downs with us but has always worked hard to keep us on track.

Gary takes the hard work out of planning for retirement. It’s because of his financial expertise and encouragement that we can look forward to a comfortable retirement and start planning to do all those things we dreamt of.
— Ross, Latrobe Valley

Gary has allowed us to look forward to a comfortable retirement. His advice has always been sound and current. His knowledge of his clients enables him to make decisions and build a portfolio that is relevant and effective. We are forever thankful for the day Gary came into our financial world.
— Ross & Lyn, Age 56-65

A great financial advisor who sets the fee structure up front and makes it all very easy to understand. Great bloke too.
— Shane, Age 46-55

Excellent communicator, explains things so the laymen understands his financial advise. He also takes the time to explain things you never feel like you are holding him up or he needs to be in some other place.
— Ken, Age 56-65

Gary has always given sound advice in an easy to understand way. He has been advising us for many years and the result has been very pleasing. We would recommend Gary to friends others.
— Karen, Age 56-65

Gary, I just wanted to say thanks for your financial advice about 12 months ago. As a result we have both of our vehicles paid off, we are paying nearly double what we need to on our mortgage as well as still being able to put money away, and do improvements to our home. We have had Wills and POA prepared and overall I feel like we are in a much better position than we were when I first saw you.

So thanks again for your help and I appreciate the time it took to do this for us, I feel we are much financially prepared moving forward as a result of this.
— Anonymous, Gippsland

You have been such a great leader for the FP Team and indeed for the entire firm. It is because of you that we all work for an organisation that we can be proud of - that puts its clients first and values its team so highly. I sincerely hope that you continue to influence DMG’s values for many years to come.

On a personal note, I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your support over the years. As an INFJ I’m sure I have not been an easy team member to manage at times. You have been a great mentor and it has been very important to gain your trust and confidence.

Your willingness to create a role for me that challenges me and suits my strengths is the reason I have been here for 10 years and look forward to returning after my maternity leave. I am particularly looking forward to learning more from you when I return. Thank you.
— Anonymous